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Barra MacNeils - 16 Songs

Barra Macneils - Wink of an Eye.mp3
Barra Macneils - Banks Of The Roses.mp3
Barra Macneils - Caledonia.mp3
Barra MacNeils - Carol Of The Bells.mp3
Barra MacNeils - Celtic Fiddle.mp3
Barra MacNeils - Children's Winter.mp3
Barra MacNeils - O Holy Night.mp3
Barra MacNeils - Queen of Argyle.mp3
Barra Macneils - Rattlin Roarin Willie.mp3
Barra MacNeils - Singing in the Streets.mp3
barra macneils - Song For Peace.mp3
Barra MacNeils - The Island.mp3
Barra MacNeils & Great Big Sea - Misty Moisty Morning.mp3
Barra MacNeils- Christmas in Killarney.MP3
Barra McNeils - Celtic Harp.MP3
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Created By Wayne Beaudry August 2008