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Country Girls - 20 Songs

Anne Murray - Both Sides Now.mp3
Anne Murray - Last Thing On My Mind.mp3
Anne Murray - There Goes My Everything.mp3
Anne Murray - What About Me.mp3
Billy Jo Spears - I'm Gonna Be A Country Girl Again.mp3
Billy Jo Speirs - Love Of The Common People.mp3
Billy Jo Speirs - Queen Of The Silver Dollar.mp3
Billy Jo Speirs - Til I Get It Right.mp3
Dolly Parton - Girl Left Alone.mp3
Dolly Parton - Honky Tonk Angels.mp3
Dolly Parton - Letter To Heaven.mp3
Dolly Parton - Little Blossom.mp3
Dolly Parton - Making Believe.mp3
Dolly Parton - Puppy Love.mp3
Dolly Parton - Release Me.mp3
Dolly Parton - Two Little Orphans.mp3
Donna Fargo - All That's Keeping Me Alive.mp3
Donna Fargo - Daddy.mp3
Donna Fargo - Sticks And Stones.mp3
Donna Fargo - Wishful Thinking.mp3
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Created By Wayne Beaudry August 2008