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East Coast - 40 Songs

Accordian music.mp3
Cape Breton Christmas Morn - John Gracie.mp3
Don Messer - Atlantic Polka .mp3
Don Messer - Backwoodsmen Reel.mp3
Don Messer - Flop Eared Mule.mp3
Don Messer - French Reel.wma
Don Messer - Jubilee.mp3
Don Messer - St Anne's Reel.mp3
Don Messer - The Great Atlantic Breakdown.mp3
Don Messer - The Halifax Polka.mp3
Don Messer - The Maple Sugar Two Step.mp3
Don Messer French Reel.mp3
Don Messer-Gypsy hornpipe NO NERO.wma
Don Messer-Victory breakdown NO NERO.wma
fiddle-don messer - big john macneil.mp3
Flute - Hubert Laws - Amazing Grace.mp3
Freeman Walters--Newfie Square Dance.mp3
Harry Hibbs - Mary of the wild moore.mp3
Irish Descendants - Misty Morning Shore.mp3
jimmy flynn - Song Of Cape Breton.mp3
John White-Fiddlers Green.mp3
Kevin Collins - A Mother's Love Is A Blessing.mp3
Music Irish Drinking Songs - No Nay Never.mp3
Ned Landry fiddle-lumberjack special dano (1).MP3
NEWFIE - Dick Nolan - Ise The B'Y.mp3
Newfie - Harry Hibbs - Fishermans Favorite.mp3
Newfie - Simani - The Rose In Her Hair .mp3
Newfie - Squid Jiggin Ground.mp3
Newfie Jigs - The Newfoundland Reel.mp3
Newfie Music - Rock valley jig (1).mp3
newfie music no longer a fisherman.mp3
Newfie Up She Rises.mp3
Newfie-Masterless Men - The Foggy Shores Of Home.mp3
Newfie-The Fables-Traditional Jigs.mp3
Newfie-The Old Newfoundland National Anthem.MP3
Newfy Music-Newfie Fever - Newfoundland Waltz.mp3
Plaza Polka.mp3
Riley's Favourite Reel.mp3
Rita McNeil & The Men Of The Deeps - We Rise Again.mp3
slim dusty - canadian fiddler Don Messer.mp3
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Created By Wayne Beaudry August 2008