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Irish - 25 Songs

Altan - The Wedding Jig.mp3
Bing Crosby - When Irish Eyes Are Smiling.mp3
Bing Crosby -Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ra.mp3
Celtic Music - Wild Rover.MP3
Chieftains - Dueling Bagpipe.mp3
Daniel O'Donnell - Down By The Sally Garden.mp3
Hank Locklin - MY Wild Irish Rose.mp3
Irish Decendents - Dance To The Fiddle.mp3
Irish Descendants - Irish Rover.mp3
Irish Music - Whiskey In The jar.mp3
Irish Rovers - Up She Rises.mp3
Irish Rovers - Black Velvet Band.mp3
Irish Rovers - Mcnamara's Band.mp3
Irish Rovers - Molly Malone.mp3
Irish Rovers - The Unicorn.mp3
Irish Rovers - Wasn't That A Party.mp3
Irish Rovers - Wild Colonial Boy.mp3
Irish Tenors - Toora Loora Looral.mp3
Leahy - Fiddle Jig.mp3
Shanneyganock - The Irish Miner.mp3
The Fureys - Maggie.mp3
The Irish Tenors - Red is the Rose.mp3
Three Irish Tenors - Loch Lomond.mp3
Three Irish Tenors - Molly Malone.wma
Three Irish Tenors- That's An Irish Lullaby.mp3
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Created By Wayne Beaudry August 2008